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David Baldacci

"If you make a reader earlier, I think you make a reader for life."

Well, growing up in Richmond, Virginia, we would go to the library every weekend.  And I was able to check out far more than the limit because I had deals the librarians. You know, they knew which kids read books and which ones didn't. And I would go home with a stack and read them during the course of the week and take them back and you know, check another stack.

Ivan Doig

Libraries are my life when it comes to research

Well it probably started certainly in high school where the high school library in Valier, Montana opened up world of reading to me and then college at Northwestern University and in my novels, which often have a lot of historical research. More than a dozen novels.

Libraries are my life when it comes to research like that, so I have endless memories from St. Andrews in Scotland to Juneau, Alaska and libraries all in between.  Today it's the University of Washington library by and large and I'm still going in there is I was as a grad student.