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Lindsey Leavitt

"I'm a writer because of the librarian."

I grew up going to library with my Mom and I actually would go to the school library at lunch everyday.

And I'm a writer because of the librarian.

I had an essay that the librarian encouraged me to turn in
about what my favorite genre books were. And that essay won the essay contest for the school in fifth grade, and after that I was always writing in the library.

Rachel DeWoskin

"They had every possible book, and they had in them beautiful, thoughtful people guiding me toward books that would matter to me, particularly. "

Well my favorite memories of the library are in incredibly hot summer afternoons in Ann Arbor, where I was a little kid, lying on the library floor and reading book after book after after book with my Mom next to me and I read "Harriet the Spy" that way and I read "Pippi Longstocking" that way and later I read "Marjorie Morningstar" that way,r
exactly what those books looked and smelled and felt like in the Ann Arbor Public Library, now the Ann Arbor  my books, which was like a thrilling childhood dream come true.